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V2C is Cees Verhoef’s company and is active in:


V2C is Cees Verhoef’s company and is active in:

  • Business Consultancy for general management challenges at small and intermediate businesses
  • Market development
  • Innovation management
  • Interim Managment
  • Search & match partners in business
  • Financial Participation

Interim Management

Temporary reinforcement of the board of directors or senior management teams.

Sometimes  a management team needs an external view in order to get stalled companies on the move towards growth and effectiveness again.

V2C specialises in bringing back focus and growth again in post start-up companies, that reach the end of their first life phase. Generally after a few years when the business pioneers start to see the need for different management skills and a more stable, less chaotic development.

Partner research

Sometimes an entrepreneur or management team needs to find the right partner to fulfill furher ambitions. These partners can be either financial or complementary functional, and often a combination of these.

V2C helps to formulate the right profile, and accomodate the search for the right partners for your business.


In some cases, mostly after a consultancy or management trajectory V2C is prepared to commit even furtner by actually investing in the enterprise. This can be done single handedly or in conjunction with other investors.

In case of investment, V2C intents to play an active role in the management of the company involved.


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